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Why do I need a Rack Safety Inspection?

The short answer is "health and safety". As a responsible employer, you want to ensure that your working environment is as safe as possible. The Health & Safety Executive recommend that annual inspections are undertaken by a “Technically competent person” on at least an annual basis. There is also legislation to consider and by having [...]

How much does a Rack Safety Inspection cost?

The cost of rack safety inspection varies depending on the size and complexity of the installation. Typically, rack safety inspections start from £440.00 + VAT for a small installation and rise up to £990.00 + VAT for larger installations (up to 10,000 pallet locations). Sites with more than 10,000 pallet locations are typically quoted for [...]

How do we get a quote for an Inspection?

Email or post a layout plan if possible showing the extent of the inspection along with a brief description of the racking and we will get back to you with a fixed price quotation. Alternatively give us a call and we can discuss your requirements over the telephone.

Can you inspect our automated high bay racking?

 Yes we can. We have inspectors fully trained in working at height and certificates are available on request. We are experienced in this type of inspection and understand the operational and safety issues associated with this type of storage installation. We would discuss with you the access arrangements and the health and safety issues associated [...]

Can you inspect our live storage/gravity racking?

Yes we can. We have an inspector with many years of experience with this type of storage equipment. A basic inspection can be undertaken at ground level from the on and off load faces or a thorough inspection can be undertaken from within the installation by an inspector trained in working at height.

Why do I need a Rack Safety Training course?

One of the first questions that we will ask you when we inspect your racking is “Are you undertaking regular (weekly/monthly) planned inspections?”. If you are, then we will ask to see your last set of inspection records so that we can offer advice and feedback to make your internal inspections as effective as possible. [...]

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