Brandon Surveys is committed to providing you with top quality surveys at a competitive price. We are continually updating the equipment we use; always improving the technical skills of our surveyors; and regularly reviewing the style of our finished product, the all important survey drawings; to ensure that you get the most accurate, clear and concise drawings possible. Whether you are a private or professional client you will find that our survey drawings provide you with all the information that you require in an easy to understand format.

Our survey engineers have a broad range of experience and specific skills between them and you will get the same quality of service for a small house survey as you will for the survey of an entire shopping centre.

We have an extensive range of specialist equipment that can be deployed on your surveys, including:

Robotic, Imaging Total Stations for topographical and measured building surveys
Hand held laser measurers for measured building surveys
Global Positioning Systems to position a survey within millimetres.
Digital levels to measure floor levels to the millimetre
Electronic scanners and Ground Probing Radar to locate underground services
3D Scanners recording millions of points per second to an accuracy of 2mm

Every enquiry is priced individually to meet your exact requirements,
 so you only pay for the information that you need.

Topographical Surveys

Our highly skilled team of qualified land surveyors use the latest technology and software to produce site surveys of the highest quality. We use Leica Robotic, Imaging Total Stations and Smart Rover GPS equipment to ensure a consistently high level of accuracy.

Underground Surveys

We have the expertise and experience to complete extensive underground services surveys, producing detailed drawings recording the position and depth of all underground services.

Measured Building Surveys

Our experienced building survey team are continually involved in a wide variety of surveys on a diverse range of properties ranging from shops, industrial units, schools and offices to private houses, historic buildings and dilapidated farm buildings.

Verified Views

We are now able to provide you with all the required data for ‘Verified Views’ (Accurate View Representations). Having been specialists in collecting data for over 30 years we are pleased to be able to offer this expansion to our already extensive range of surveying services.