Specialist Rack Safety Inspections


Automated high bay racking inspections

We have inspectors fully trained in working at height and certificates are available on request.

We are experienced in this type of inspection and understand the operational and safety issues associated with this type of storage installation.

We would discuss with you the access arrangements and the health and safety issues associated with this type of inspection prior to the inspection commencing.

A detailed risk assessment and method statement will be prepared in advance of the inspection and submitted to you for approval. Once these have been finalised they will be checked on the day of the inspection and any amendments made. When the clients’ representative and the inspector are satisfied with the risk assessment and method statement they will be signed and the inspection can commence.


Chill and cold store inspections

These inspections take a bit longer.

The risk assessment and method statement is a little more complicated but the general inspection procedure is the same as a standard inspection.

A suitable warm room and canteen facilities are always much appreciated.


Cantilever racking inspections

We have an inspector that has undertaken the SEMA approved rack inspectors module in cantilever racking


Live storage/gravity racking inspections

We have an inspector with many years of experience with this type of storage equipment.

A basic inspection can be undertaken at ground level from the on and off load faces or a thorough inspection can be undertaken from within the installation by and inspector trained at working at height.


Shelving Inspections

We have lots of experience in inspecting all types of shelving from single bays to multi-tier installations.

The general principles of inspection are the same as for pallet racking.


Verticality and Level Surveys

We specialise in verticality and level surveys of storage installations. Using digital levels we are able to measure floor levels to millimetre accuracy. We have specialist survey equipment that enables us to check the verticality of racking without the need to work at height. By using this specialist equipment we are able to measure and record extensive amounts of data quickly and efficiently.


For more information please visit our FAQs on Specialist Rack Safety Inspections.