Brandon Surveys Ltd can now offer a 3D scanning service to bring our data capturing expertise well and truly into the 21st Century.
With 3D scanning, the equipment that we use can record a million points per second at an accuracy of 2mm. This means that we can now identify the most intricate detail from individual bricks and road scars to patterns on wall paper and ceilings.

This also means that we can gather much more information on elevations remotely from the public foot path, minimising site time and disruption.

We interpret this data and produce the plans, sections, elevations and street scenes that our clients have become accustomed to at an even higher accuracy than ever before.

As well as producing the same drawings as we always have, we can now offer 3D Point Clouds of areas/sites and buildings as well as clipping boxes. So, whether you need us to capture the data and manipulate it into a tangible set of survey drawings or you just require a raw Point Cloud of data… we can alter our service to suit your specification.

3D Render