Project Description

We were appointed by SSI Schaefer in September 2021 to assist on a project involving the construction of a rack clad temperature controlled warehouse. The high rise automated racking system, spanning an area of roughly 130m x 90m, required direct anchoring of floor fixing bolts to a sub-slab to ensure the required stability of the structure. Our role was to set out over 2400 anchor bolt positions to a tolerance of +/-4mm and control/monitor the position of these bolts as they were fixed to the sub-slab by the installation team. Once fixed in position, an additional layer of concrete was poured over the sub-slab to fix the anchor bolts in place, after which a full as-built survey was carried out to ensure the accuracy of the work. Our involvement in this project lasted over three months and allowed us to develop invaluable experience working on large projects to tight tolerances and deadlines accurately, precisely and efficiently.